About Buitendoor

Buitendoor wants to unite children, young-adults and adults to give them the opportunity to develop themselves. We want everybody to be able to show what they are capable of and like to do best. In our opinion, diversity means that a group is more than only the sum of its parts. This seems obvious, but working together and learning from each other needs to be practiced to be able to apply it in daily life, both for young and old people. Especially in this individual society where co-operation proves to be more difficult than it seems!

Like reading, writing and drawing, working together is something you have to learn. Outdoor activities are by any means good exercises to do so. The activities are fun, spectacular and demand co-operation to succeed.

In Buitendoor we try to help people with this, we offer programs that focus on sustainable cooperation. And we try to be as sustainable as possible ourselves. This comes forward in organic groceries, separate collection of waste and we are always searching for the most sustainable ways of doing the things that we do.

Buitendoor is also very active on an international level. Together with some other organisations we run the Outdoors as a Tool network. In this network we give our volunteers the opportunity to learn from other organisations in international training courses and exchange projects. And we try to develop all our organisations by sharing knowledge, games, equipment and strategies.

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