Would you like to become an instructor yourself? That's possible!

You can be an instructor at Buitendoor as a volunteer. When you become a volunteer you mostly do it because you stand behind or want to contribute to something and get something back from it. This can be satisfaction, valuable experience, fun or good friends.

Buitendoor is an organization which drives on volunteers. Voluteers give their input and Buitendoor gives something back. We want to be an organization where you can get satifcation, where you can develop, where you can meet nice people and you can do cool activities.

What we offer

Besides a good atmosphere, nice colleagues and a beatiful goal to contribute, Buitendoor offers a few practical things:

  • Training and development: Besides the personal development by guiding youngsters, Buitendoor offers several trainings and master classes ever year.

  • (International) projects: We co-operate with several (inter)national parties. We can offer sometimes very interesting (inter)national trainings for very good prices to our instructors.

  • Volunteer fee

  • Buitendoor clothing


As a volunteer you first go through a training program before you do activities on your own. This starts with an Outdoor training in the Ardennes for five days (costs around €150). Here you will learn the base of working with groups and the outdoor skills you will need on the camps. Besides this you will be accompanied during your first camp/ activity. When you have all the base skills you can go specialize in for example treehouse building or team training.


For more information, questions or to report yourself, you can contact us.